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DigiFLO Ultrasonic Gas



Text Box: DigiFLO ultrasonic Oxygen sensor and general Gas  concentration and flow Rate sensors utilize DigiFLO unprecedented  DSP gas ultrasonic measurement technology. Measurements are independent of  effects of thermal stress and pressure. DigiFLO sensors retain their calibration for more than 10 years; Allowing you, our customers, to extend your warranties for so much longer. 
Founded in 1995, DigiFLO has offices in Northwest USA.
Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with unsurpassed product and service quality.

DigiFLO, Inc.                       Tel: 206-232-2193

6942 96th Ave SE               

Mercer Island, WA.              info@dgflo.com




0 to ±500 L/M Oxygen, Flow Rate

 Sensor - OFS2

0 to ±500L/M Oxygen, Flow Rate, Pressure

Sensor - MPS2

0  to ±20L/M Oxygen, Flow Rate

 Sensor - OFS1

0 to ±20L/M Oxygen, Flow Rate, Pressure

Sensor - MPS1

DiGiFLO Gas Molecular Weight Analyzer—DigiLEAK